Sunday, October 24, 2010

Increase in quota for Greenland halibut and cod in Spain

Rise in quota seems to be a good initiative for Spanish fish industries for next year. The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) has announced an increase 180 percent in catch quota for two species which are Cod and Halibut. The fishing quota will eventually increase by almost 180 percent, that is, from 769 tonnes to 1,447 tonnes.

The quantity of Greenland halibut that the Spanish fleets will be able to catch will increase from 4,396 tonnes to 4,721 tonnes. However, it was also decided that there will be increase of Total Annual Catch (TAC) from 5,000 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes as the cod stocks found in the Newfoundland waters has been recovered. With regards to Greenland Halibut, the TAC which has been set for 2011 totals 17,182 tonnes.

The Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) has announced that they have implemented a new strategy of joint management between national authorities and fisheries scientists that allocate for controlling these fish stocks and for their ultimate recovery.

As per the MARM, this type of management will ensure constancy of the fishery to decide any future variation which would lead to a rise of 5 percent of the TAC annually over the previous year’s TAC. Based on this decision, the MARM can bring up long-term practicality to these vital resources.


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