Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A rise in Argentinean seafood export

 Value of fish exports in the first eight months of 2009 and 2010, in millions of USD. (Photo: Senasa/ FIS) 
After a period of time, Argentinean seafood industries found a slight rise in fish export. According to the National Health and Food Quality Service (SENASA), Argentina has exported 264,666 tonnes of seafood accounting to an amount of USD 732.6 from January 2010 till August 2010. These figures represent a decrease of 12 percent in terms of volumes but a rise of 5.7 percent in terms of value as compared to the same period in 2009. SENASA certified fish exports totaled up to 198,181 tonnes which were valued at USD 405 million, in addition to 66,485 tonnes of mollusks worth USD 327.6 million in the first eight months of the year 2010.

Argentina has recorded the largest export of Hake fish (Merluccius hubssi) with 96,175 tonnes for USD 211.6 million. Based on this fact, there has been an increase of 2.2 per cent in volume and a drop of 0.4 per cent compared to the first eight months of 2009 which was 94.035 tonnes and USD 212.3 million.

Shrimp is considered to the in the second position with a catch of 35,848 tonnes value for USD 250.2 million in terms of volume. There has been an increase of 33.2 percent and 6 percent in terms of volume and value respectively as compared to 2009 26,901 tonnes worth USD 161.8 million.

Other fish species which has shown an increase in exports are:
·  Squid accounting 25,166 tonnes worth USD 42 million,
·  Patagonian anchovy (Engraulis anchovy), with 12,722 tonnes worth USD 24 million and
·  Hoki (Macruronus magellanicus) with 14,403 tonnes for USD 29.5 million.

The main and the largest importer of Argentinean seafood still remain Spain. Spain has bought an amount of 54,143 tonnes worth to a value of USD 243.8 million in the first eight months of 2010.

The second largest importer of Argentinean fish was Brazil, with 40,411 tonnes worth USD 102.6 million, followed by Italy which accounts for 19,184 tonnes, a cost of USD 83.6 million and finally was America with 10,986 tonnes worth USD 35.3 million.


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