Monday, October 4, 2010

Tips how to fillet your fish

Filleting of fish is a very method in preparing of fish meals. There are several steps that are needed to be followed in order to fillet the fish but spending a little effort at the cleaning process is worth because it contains no bones at the eating stage.
  • First you need to have a good knife with a thin and flexible blade for filleting.
  • Cut the head of the fish behind the gills. 
  • Cut it in a way that the knife touches only the backbone of the fish.
  •  Hold the fish by its tail and pass the knife deep along the backbone and dorsal fin. The fish needs to be cut deep enough so that the knife passes through the rib cage. 
  • When the knife is no longer in contact with the rib cage, push the knife through the width until the fish fillet is cut off at the tail. 
  • The skin of the fish can be removed by inserting the knife near the tail and remove the flesh from the skin.
  •  Repeat the same process at the other side.
  •  Now you can use your fish fillet in your meals. 

There are some contaminants that are found in fish. Basically, this can be reduced in a fish meal by doing a proper trimming, skinning and cooking of the fish fillet. Cooking does not really remove all the contaminants in the fish but the heats from cooking can melt the certain amount of fats. Thus, baked fish fillet is mostly preferred in fish meals as it contains low fat.


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