Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The temporary ban of trawling method in the Gulf of Cadiz begins

Due to overexploitation of fish species such as Hake in the Gulf of Cadiz, the Ministry of environment and Rural and Marine affair has imposed a provisional ban on trawling. The ban will take place from for 50 days which will begin from 24 September till 7 November. 

The plan which has been proposed, is expected to last for about two years or could be extended but this will affect Spanish vessels that make use of  trawling method on the bottom of the offshore waters (between the mouth of the Guadiana and the meridian of Punta Marroquí (005º 36’ W).
The new regulation that has been imposed also states that fishing season must not exceed more than 200 days per year and 18 hours a day at sea, and boats may only make one daily landing. Once the fishing plan is finalized, it is expected to reduce the overall global fishing capacity running with this technique by almost 6 percent.

The General Secretariat of Marine Affairs will evaluate and monitor the situation after the implementation of the plan. This will be done by studying the results that will be achieved. Furthermore, scientific reports will be drawn up especially on species such as Hake and Norwegian lobster as it is considered to be over-exploited in the region.

It has been said by the Fishermen's Association of Punta Umbria, Antonio Albarracín that the temporary closure of trawling method is really important in order to help the regeneration of species and the maintenance of the activity itself. 


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