Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Argentinean hake fish fillet over exploitation

The price for Argentinean Hake is going to rise because of scarcity of the product on the market due to over exploitation for many years now. Since 2005 the local Government saw a decline in the landing of the Merluccius Hubbsi but even this, the catch continued. In 2010 the Argentinean Hake faced a critical state when some researched concluded that more and more juvenile fish are being caught. Lower landing is not only observed for hake but for major fish specimen like Hoki (-29%) and southern Hake (-32%).

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In early 2010 the local government decided to impose a proper managing system for the hake industry and a plan to implement an individual transferable quota system. The new system will be set for each province even if catch are sold to companies in other province which moved to the north to reduce cost. The quota will be assigned for 15 years and number of criteria will be used to determine the size of the quota.

The frozen hake fish fillet industry is the main product that is exported worth USD 102,2 million for 39 419 tonnes, accounting for 64% of the total volume. Due to fall in hake fish, the frozen hake fillet value dropped by 22% due to a 3%volume fall. 46% of the Argentinean frozen hake fillet (fish) is exported to Brazil which represents an increase of 69% in demand.

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For more information about the hake sustainability here is a clear example of how one company works with the local government to assure future catch:

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