Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hake fish fillet good for health

This is an article that will definitely generate some interest as most of the people are weight conscious. I have been looking at how to market Hake but the simple question i asked myself is... Do people know if Hake is good for health? OK, some people don't know that some fish are high in fat like Salmon for example but white fish like Hake is really good for health. While eating a piece of Hake fish I was asked to think about something that will make our blog interesting and what's more interesting than losing weight.

Hake is considered to be good for both man and women. A grilled Hake of 100gms contain only 113 calories, which is perfect to have with some roasted potatoes for the ladies who are following a diet and men as well. But for those who want to gain weight Hake product is perfect as it is high in hormone testosterone. Ladies please don't be afraid, you won't change to become more masculine but just to say that it is really good for muscles.

Basically as Hake is low in fat as it is a whiting fish, the percentage of fat is quite low, but it also depend on what type of cooking techniques you are going to choose. The baked type is the best one, with low fat as less oil is used and it will have a much better taste if the white hake turns into a delicious light brown or gold color. Although we are suppose to promote Seawork processing in this blog we also make sure that people know what type of products they are buying and how to make the most out of it.

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